December, 2003

One of the Most Positive Experiences of Our Lives

Brian W, a lawyer, contacted our organization in December 2003 in the hope of getting us to help his wife to get a new hip. Shortly thereafter we arranged for an initial consultation with an orthopedic surgeon in a large Washington State hospital.

A week following this consultation, our client returned for her surgery which was routine. Her husband, Brian, was accommodated at a nearby hotel as part of the package price provided by your organization. We visited the client in her private hospital room the day following her surgery. She was up and walking.

Here is what Brian W. has to say about their experience:
“I wish we had contacted you a year ago – this is one of the most positive experiences of our life together. The hospital was as impressive as any facility we’ve seen the staff were attentive and caring. When they asked us how everything was going you could tell they were genuinely interested. Our surgeon was outstanding. He explained everything to us thoroughly and discussed all our options at length. His bedside manner was exemplary. We would recommend this hospital, this surgeon and your organization without reservation”.

-Brian W.

About Us

For the last four years we have been facilitating surgical procedures for clients wishing to access the favorable pricing which we have negotiated with hospitals and clinics across the country.


North American Surgery Inc. is able to access reasonably priced surgical procedures of all types in U.S. based facilities.  Our clients pay a small fraction of the standard prices charged by most U.S. hospitals.  Typically the prices we have negotiated are comparable to the costs associated with off-shore surgery in places such as India, Thailand or Mexico.


The role of our firm is to act as a facilitator, brining our clients together with private medical services and clinics which can provide the needed services and / or procedures in a timely manner. Once arrangements have been made to the mutual satisfaction of our client and their physician, we have no ongoing involvement in the doctor-patient relationship.