September, 2006

Thanks Again, and Keep Up the Good Work

Hello Mr. Baker,

I am very glad to hear that you have received a lot of emails regarding your website and services. I personally do not need any surgery or other services at this time, but you can be assured that if I should ever have to I will be on the phone to your facility very, very quickly.

I am a strong believer that those people who have invested their finances and saved their money wisely, should alleviate the public medical services of the long tiresome waiting lists. My own brother passed away very suddenly because he did not have the funds to go to a private facility and had to have major back surgery.

My husband and I offered to pay for him to go to a private facility and have it done quickly, but being a very strong union man and a believer in the public system, he suffered for over 3 years, then it was too late and he had an embolism in his brain and died instantly.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work, I may see you one day.

-Patricia Gillott

About Us

For the last four years we have been facilitating surgical procedures for clients wishing to access the favorable pricing which we have negotiated with hospitals and clinics across the country.


North American Surgery Inc. is able to access reasonably priced surgical procedures of all types in U.S. based facilities.  Our clients pay a small fraction of the standard prices charged by most U.S. hospitals.  Typically the prices we have negotiated are comparable to the costs associated with off-shore surgery in places such as India, Thailand or Mexico.


The role of our firm is to act as a facilitator, brining our clients together with private medical services and clinics which can provide the needed services and / or procedures in a timely manner. Once arrangements have been made to the mutual satisfaction of our client and their physician, we have no ongoing involvement in the doctor-patient relationship.