October, 2006

Very Fortunate to Find Your Firm

Dear Rick,

I would like you to know that I felt very fortunate to find your firm on the internet. The fact that you were able to book an appointment for me so quickly is amazing.

As things have turned out, being able to have the surgery here in Calgary is preferable.

Without hesitation, I will recommend your firm to anyone with a long wait for surgery. You are providing a much needed service and I wish you success with your venture.

Thank You.
– M. Siddall

Big Thank You

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for getting me to Buffalo on August 30th for a long overdue MRI. After a year and a half, I finally have some answers. When the possible diagnosis was MS, I was having a hard time waiting for the answers and you got them for me. I do NOT have MS! Thank You Thank You Thank You………..this is a major load off my shoulders.

I have a son who just turned 9 and has seen me through some tough times medically speaking his entire life. While I don’t wish this on any child it has caused my boy to become a very caring, compassionate little soul……far beyond his years. When I picked up the written report (the day after the MRI) that told us after an almost 2 year wait that I don’t have MS……..let’s just say his reaction is forever etched in my heart. I swear, in the middle of the sidewalk in front of my doctor’s office, where I opened the envelope containing the results of the MRI you so promptly arranged, that child let out a hoot you could have heard on the next block and I swear he was airborne! Now THAT was soooo worth the money spent on that MRI……..it’s irreplaceable! I have you to thank for that.

Again, God Bless you for what you’ve done for me and especially the piece of mind you gave to a nine year old child. What you do for clients is undoubtedly the most awesome thing; I am at a loss for words. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

God Bless You!
P. Newman

P.S. I have recommended your Services to many people such as myself and will keep spreading the word of what your wonderful institution does for your clients.

About Us

For the last four years we have been facilitating surgical procedures for clients wishing to access the favorable pricing which we have negotiated with hospitals and clinics across the country.


North American Surgery Inc. is able to access reasonably priced surgical procedures of all types in U.S. based facilities.  Our clients pay a small fraction of the standard prices charged by most U.S. hospitals.  Typically the prices we have negotiated are comparable to the costs associated with off-shore surgery in places such as India, Thailand or Mexico.


The role of our firm is to act as a facilitator, brining our clients together with private medical services and clinics which can provide the needed services and / or procedures in a timely manner. Once arrangements have been made to the mutual satisfaction of our client and their physician, we have no ongoing involvement in the doctor-patient relationship.