Hello Rick,

I just wanted to give you, and the surgeon you sent me to, a 5 star rating.  The surgeons in my are great too, but from what I can tell, your surgeon’s technique is second to none.

I talked to a number of people that had inguinal hernia surgery and were out of work for up to 6 weeks.  If I would have done what the local surgeon had in mind, I would have been out of work for a few weeks at least, not to mention it would have cost twice as much.  The good doctor has a great bedside manner, and is attentive over and beyond the call of duty.  The staff at his office and at the hospital were top notch too.  I will not hesitate to give out your contact info as I know a number of people are switching over to HSA’s and self-pay (we are all self employed).  Take care and keep up the good work.

Peter E.

Most Incredible!

In October of this year, I contracted with North American Surgery for a hernia repair [in] Oklahoma. This is, briefly, my experience: Doctor T and his staff were most welcoming and professional. The facilities, from the Doctor’s office to the hospital were ultra modern and highly maintained. The hospital staff were motivated, friendly, and helpful at every turn. The entire atmosphere of Oklahoma was welcoming. I flew to Oklahoma on Sunday, the 9th of November. My surgery was on Monday the 10th and I was back in San Francisco on Tuesday the 11th. Most incredible!

Thank you for your fine service,

D. Arthur

What a Great Experience!

I would like to thank you for referring me to the Hospital in Oklahoma for my hip replacement surgery. When I first got in touch with you I was kind of skeptical, not knowing what to expect when I arrived in Oklahoma. Immediately upon my arrival at the hospital all my fears came to an end. I was greeted by the most friendly and warm people I have probably met. The facility you recommended me to was a first class facility from the office staff right on up to the Doctor. I was in the best hands that a person would want to be in. It has been 4 weeks since my operation and I feel 20 years younger already. I’m walking daily and almost without a limp. I have been in pain for the last ten years and the minute I woke up after surgery the pain no longer existed, other than the surgery pain. I recommend this clinic/hospital to anyone requiring the surgery they offer. I can’t stress enough what a great experience I had in Oklahoma. Thank you for all your help and I hope you can help other people needing surgery. Also I would like to add that the price I paid for surgery was very reasonable for what I received.

Sincerely yours,

Charles W.

Helpful and Courteous

It was a matter of choice. After waiting more than six months to see the local orthopaedic surgeon and learning that it would be more than a year to get a total hip replacement, we got in touch with your organization and were immediately put in contact with a surgeon. In just a few days we went for the initial consultation and he agreed to do the operation and that was completed in just a few weeks. We have nothing but good to say about the treatment received at the hospital. Everyone was kindness itself and the surgeon proved his reputation as a really nice and caring person. Everybody we met was helpful and courteous.

We are pleased to say that our local GP and the local hospital were also very supportive in the providing us with a copy of an earlier X-ray, arranging and completing the required pre-operative tests and looking after some post-operative care and the necessary physiotherapy.

Progress has been good and we went for the follow up appointment, which we recommend, six weeks after the operation taking with us a report from the physiotherapist and also another X-ray, good ideas and appreciated by the surgeon.

At each stage we were dealt with most professionally and we are most grateful to your staff at Timely Medical Alternatives for their excellent work in establishing the contact with a good surgeon.

– R. Giles

Very Fortunate to Find Your Firm

Dear Rick,

I would like you to know that I felt very fortunate to find your firm on the internet. The fact that you were able to book an appointment for me so quickly is amazing.

As things have turned out, being able to have the surgery here in Calgary is preferable.

Without hesitation, I will recommend your firm to anyone with a long wait for surgery. You are providing a much needed service and I wish you success with your venture.

Thank You.
– M. Siddall

Big Thank You

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for getting me to Buffalo on August 30th for a long overdue MRI. After a year and a half, I finally have some answers. When the possible diagnosis was MS, I was having a hard time waiting for the answers and you got them for me. I do NOT have MS! Thank You Thank You Thank You………..this is a major load off my shoulders.

I have a son who just turned 9 and has seen me through some tough times medically speaking his entire life. While I don’t wish this on any child it has caused my boy to become a very caring, compassionate little soul……far beyond his years. When I picked up the written report (the day after the MRI) that told us after an almost 2 year wait that I don’t have MS……..let’s just say his reaction is forever etched in my heart. I swear, in the middle of the sidewalk in front of my doctor’s office, where I opened the envelope containing the results of the MRI you so promptly arranged, that child let out a hoot you could have heard on the next block and I swear he was airborne! Now THAT was soooo worth the money spent on that MRI……..it’s irreplaceable! I have you to thank for that.

Again, God Bless you for what you’ve done for me and especially the piece of mind you gave to a nine year old child. What you do for clients is undoubtedly the most awesome thing; I am at a loss for words. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

God Bless You!
P. Newman

P.S. I have recommended your Services to many people such as myself and will keep spreading the word of what your wonderful institution does for your clients.

Thanks Again, and Keep Up the Good Work

Hello Mr. Baker,

I am very glad to hear that you have received a lot of emails regarding your website and services. I personally do not need any surgery or other services at this time, but you can be assured that if I should ever have to I will be on the phone to your facility very, very quickly.

I am a strong believer that those people who have invested their finances and saved their money wisely, should alleviate the public medical services of the long tiresome waiting lists. My own brother passed away very suddenly because he did not have the funds to go to a private facility and had to have major back surgery.

My husband and I offered to pay for him to go to a private facility and have it done quickly, but being a very strong union man and a believer in the public system, he suffered for over 3 years, then it was too late and he had an embolism in his brain and died instantly.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work, I may see you one day.

-Patricia Gillott

Thank You Very Much For All of Your Help

Good Morning Rick,

Just wanted to send you a very big “THANK YOU” for all your help scheduling my son, Marc’s, MRI.

We took him down to Buffalo on Wednesday just as planned and everything went very smoothly.

My husband and I would like to congratulate you and your company on your promptness and efficiency. You did exactly what you said you would when you said you would do it and we very much appreciate that.

I work for 2 Naturopathic Doctors here in Georgetown and they already have passed on your companies name to a couple of patients who are looking for quicker way to have an MRI than the Ontario Healthcare system can arrange.

Once again, thank you very much for all of your help.

– Deanne D.

I Applaud Timely Medical For Its Efforts

“The socialists keep telling us that private healthcare in Canada would result in people having to “sell the farm” in order to get treatment. I was a family doctor in rural Saskatchewan for over 20 years. I never heard of anyone even coming close to selling the farm during the years before “universal healthcare” came into being. Nor has anyone I know ever heard of such a situation. I believe a parallel, private healthcare system is the only practical alternative to chronically long waiting lists. I applaud Timely Medical for its efforts in this regard.”

-Dr. Michael Warrington

It’s a Great Relief

Recently I received care for episodes of cardiac arrhythmia, in Washington State, through the auspices of your organization. I travel on business all over the world (literally). The clinic supplied me with a heart monitor which allows me to report any future arrhythmias from anywhere in the world, 24/7, to my specialist within minutes! It’s a great relief to know that I can access these cardiologists whenever needed, without waiting in a long line.


About Us

For the last four years we have been facilitating surgical procedures for clients wishing to access the favorable pricing which we have negotiated with hospitals and clinics across the country.


North American Surgery Inc. is able to access reasonably priced surgical procedures of all types in U.S. based facilities.  Our clients pay a small fraction of the standard prices charged by most U.S. hospitals.  Typically the prices we have negotiated are comparable to the costs associated with off-shore surgery in places such as India, Thailand or Mexico.


The role of our firm is to act as a facilitator, brining our clients together with private medical services and clinics which can provide the needed services and / or procedures in a timely manner. Once arrangements have been made to the mutual satisfaction of our client and their physician, we have no ongoing involvement in the doctor-patient relationship.