Spinal Fusion

Every year, thousands of clients that are uninsured, under-insured or self-insured turn to North American Surgery Inc. to have their surgeries performed close to home at or below the cost of overseas procedures. Why travel great distances and take unnecessary risks for uninsured medical procedures such as spinal fusion and discectomies when affordable alternatives exist in the US? If you need a spinal fusion or discectomy, but you are uninsured, North American Surgery can help you.

What is spinal fusion surgery?

Spinal fusion surgery is designed to decrease the movement between the two vertebrae, and this, in turn, may decrease your pain.

Before recommending spinal fusion your doctor will want to ensure that:

  • Other treatments have been ineffective
  • Other causes of back pain (such as osteoarthritis or muscle strain) have been ruled out, and,
  • The specific disc with the problem has been clearly identified.

Spinal fusion surgery involves taking small pieces of bone from elsewhere in your body (often from the hip) and placing them either in front of the spine or in back of it. Initially, these pieces of bone may be attached with screws, small rods or other hardware. But these are a temporary “holding device” that allow the bone time re-grow. This re-growth can take anywhere from three to 18 months.

Different surgeons will use different techniques for spinal fusion – depending on their training, preferences and your medical history. A relatively new technique, using a endoscope (a small camera/microscope that can be inserted inside the body) allows the surgeon to use a very small incision, leading to a faster recovery. This technique is not suitable for all patients and not all neurosurgeons believe it is the best approach. Your neurosurgeon can discuss all your options with you and help you make the best decision.

What are the risks of discectomy or spinal fusion?

All surgeries carry risks. These include but are not limited to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, pneumonia, and blood clots.

Potential complications relating specifically to spinal fusion surgery include: blood loss leading to blood transfusion, injury to nerve roots, injury to bowel and bladder function, tearing the lining around the nerves, a spinal fluid leak and a risk the surgery will not succeed. Special note: Smokers are cautioned that nicotine inhibits bone growth and can undermine the fusion. You should also be aware that spinal fusion permanently changes the biomechanics of the back. As a result it is thought to increase the stress on other part of the spine and could potentially lead to degeneration elsewhere.

Potential complications relating specifically to discectomy include: injury to the veins and arteries near the spine, injury to the nerve tissue of the spine or its surrounding protective layer and a spinal fluid leak. It is also possible for the same disc to be injured again after surgery – this occurs in approximately 10 to 15% of cases.

Your highly trained neurosurgeon is the best person to assess your risks with you and discuss how to minimize them.

How long will it take me to recover from a spinal fusion or discectomy?

Recovery time will depend on your medical condition and the nature of your surgery. If you have had a relatively minor surgery using a endoscope, with small incisions, you may recover in several weeks, although it will likely be much longer than that before you are allowed to twist your back or do any heavy lifting. If you have had an open surgery and a more complex procedure – particularly spinal fusion, which requires time for the bone to re-grow – your recovery time will be some months longer.

What to do if you are Uninsured, Under-Insured or Self-Insured

North American Surgery Inc. acts as a facilitator, bringing our clients together with private medical clinics and hospitals that can provide the needed services and/or procedures in a timely manner and at affordable prices to the uninsured. If you are uninsured and want more information about private medical care, contact North American Surgery Inc. today.

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