Every year, thousands of clients, (many of them uninsured, underinsured, or self insured), turn to the North American Surgery Inc group, to have their surgeries expedited quickly, at significant savings, close to home. No longer is there any need to travel great distances for uninsured medical procedures, such as diagnostic biopsies. If you need a diagnostic biopsy, but you are uninsured, North American Surgery can help you

Why might I require a fine needle biopsy?

If a breast examination or mammogram shows a cyst or lump or if a lump is found on the thyroid gland (which is near the throat, just under the Adam’s apple), your doctor may request a fine needle biopsy, also known as fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC).

During this procedure, a doctor uses a very fine narrow needle to remove fluid from a cyst or clusters of cells from a mass, so they can be examined under a microscope. This technique is considered minimally invasive and allows for very rapid diagnosis. As well, there is no scarring or stitches and no recovery period is required.

What happens during a fine needle biopsy?

This procedure is performed under local anesthetist. The doctor uses a very small hollow needle (smaller than those used to draw blood) that is attached to a syringe to extract fluid from a cyst or cells from a mass. A number of insertions are usually required. The doctor may need to use ultrasound to help locate the mass, in the case of a thyroid biopsy, or ultrasound and mammography in the case of a breast biopsy.

The cells are then placed on a microscope slide, stained, and examined by a pathologist.

What are the risks of needle biopsies?

Bruising, soreness, bleeding and, vary rarely, infection are all possible risks of fine needle biopsies for the breast and thyroid. Probably the more important risk is that of a “false negative” – that is, that the test will miss the problematic cells because it is so small. For the same reason, there is also a risk that the cells taken do not enable a definitive diagnosis.

These risks should be weighed against the benefits of a rapid diagnosis leading to faster care with the appropriate specialist.

Who interprets the results and how do I get them?

A pathologist at the clinic will analyze the slides from your fine needle biopsy and send a report with his or her interpretation to your doctor.

What to do if you are Uninsured, Under-Insured or Self-Insured

North American Surgery Inc. acts as a facilitator, bringing our clients together with private medical clinics and hospitals that can provide the needed services and/or procedures in a timely manner and at affordable prices to the uninsured. If you are uninsured and want more information about private medical care, contact North American Surgery Inc. today.

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